About North Star

North Star Investment Group objective is to provide our investors with high returns safely. We do this by utilising our collective expertise to identify and negotiate for quality Australian property in a high yielding structure.


Have an Open Mind Set


We are constantly striving to be the best we can be. We take ownership of our growth.


Make a Difference


We believe in making a positive difference to people lives.


Use leverage


We look to leverage our resources to do and achieve more.




We strive to do everything to a world class standard. We research what the best do and we emulate it.




Our mission is to achieve quality consistent returns for investors
by investing in the Australian Property Market.


Who is eligible to invest and what is the minimum amount?

Our funds are open to sophisticated and wholesale investors. Most people invest through their self-managed super funds. The minimal investment amount is $100,000, in lots of $100,000 increments. (Sophisticated investors have net assets of $2.5 million and/or gross income for the past two financial years of at least $250,000 a year. For more information please refer to ASIC website.)

What is North Star Investment Group’s focus?

Our focus is on acquiring undervalued commercial property with good potential upside. We look for property where we can add value to provide us with good income and capital growth potential.

How can North Star offer higher distributions then other property funds?

There are three (3) main factors that combine allowing us to be able to make high income distributions. Our acquisitions are specifically targeted for solid income distributions and potential capital growth. Secondly, interest rates are at an all-time low, reducing the servicing cost of each investment. Lastly, and most importantly our fees are low and transparent. These factors combined allow us to make higher than normal distributions.

Is my investment liquid? Can I sell when I need too?

Investing in unlisted property trusts are generally not liquidable type investments. The investment term is for the life of the investment and is generally up to 7 years. However, if you do need to sell we have processes to assist by offering your units to other investors within the group.

Why should I invest with North Star?

We provide our investors with property investment opportunities that give consistent high returns not normally available to individual investors. Our fee structures are low and transparent, allowing us to produce high consistent returns to our investors. We believe in having the best team possible. We have assembled and will continue to assemble the best people in the property industry we believe will work tirelessly towards achieving our mission and vision. Every team member is guided by the company’s clear vision and mission statement. Our vision is to become the most valuable Property Funds Management Company in Australia. Our mission is to achieve quality consistent returns for our investors by investing proactively in the Australian Property Market.

It’s Easy to Find Us

Dedicated professionals with a passion for property working towards one
goal of delivering consistent leading returns for our investors.


    PO BOX 468, Springhill Qld 4004


    1300 876 895



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